5 Benefits of Hemp Bath Bombs

5 Benefits of Hemp Bath Bombs

Ever since Mo Constantine from Lush Cosmetics invented the product we know as the bath bomb, they have become famous for their attractive colours and fizzy bubbles when placed in hot water. They are now part of every bath product collection and offer a variety of bath bomb assortments for every personality, mood, and occasion.

At Skyy Organics, we are big fans of hemp bath bombs and it's not just because we like cannabis (well, that too). But more so because the benefits of hemp baths make it a phenomenal way to relax, better than any other experiences with bath bombs that you've had.

What is HEMP? 

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, but should not be confused with the drug-cannabis, marijuana. Unlike marijuana, hemp plants produce cannabidiol (CBD), which does not get you 'high' but makes for an awesome remedy to reducing pain and anxiety - especially when it comes to soaking in a CBD-infused bath!

To enhance your self-care routine, we recommend adding a hemp bath bomb to your next bath time, and here are 5 benefits of doing so. 

1. Relaxation

Wanting to reach relaxation is always part of the goal when purchasing any kind of bath bomb, but the good news is that recent research shows CBD hemp bath bombs may give you a boost with that. 

Self-care is an important time to schedule in your calendar, no matter who you are or how busy you are. A great way to spend your dedicated self-care time is by relaxing in a warm bath at home. The products you add to your bath are what make all the difference in your experience, and hemp bath bombs are the best product for the job! Many researchers say that CBD can activate some serotonin receptors, which is a system responsible for easing anxiety, whether it is chronic or developed stressful moments throughout the day. The solution to that is simply dropping one of these luxurious hemp bath bombs in your tub after running some hot water, and enjoy pure relaxation. 

2. Sooth joint pain 

If you constantly experience chronic back pain, knee pain, wrist, or any other joint pain, you are certainly not alone. Joint pain is very common amongst Canadians, and women are more than 60% likely to be affected. There is no way to completely stop joint pain from coming back, but there are treatments that can help reduce the feelings of discomfort caused by joint pain.

Because CBD is best absorbed through the skin, a bath that involves hemp bath bombs may be more effective to help with joint pain than regular bath bombs. According to medical news today, CBD baths may be a safe and useful treatment option for joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and arthritis. 

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who don't experience joint pain and can't relate to this specific benefit of hemp bath bombs. Even so, hemp bath bombs can still provide you with a wonderfully relaxing experience for your joints after sitting or standing for many hours throughout the day. One can never go wrong with a hemp bath bomb if you ask us! 

3. Increase sex drive

The cannabis industry, being such a new area of research, does not have enough evidence for these benefits (yet). But according to recent studies found on Healthline and first-hand experiences from many Canadians, CBD products have the likely ability to improve libido and reduce other categories of common concerns. 

To learn more about how soaking in a hemp bath may improve your sex drive, here's an article about what experts have to say about the benefits of CBD. As for us here at Skyy Organics, all we have to say is that adding a cannabis bath bomb to your bath time ritual will leave you relaxed, blissful, and ... excited!

4. Anti-inflammatory benefits

The combination of hot bathwater with CBD allows CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits to work even more effectively. This can be beneficial for a few different parts of the body:

For skin: Many people develop seasonal eczema or breakouts due to the dry Canadian winters. If this is you, consider asking your doctor about incorporating CBD into your eczema treatment routine. High-quality hemp bath bombs are safe and beneficial for even damaged or sensitive skin, such as eczema. 

For sore muscles: when a workout leaves you unable to move, or you sleep wrong and wake up with a stiff back, or you go all day dealing with annoying menstrual pain; relaxing in a hot bath with a hemp bath bomb can help you with the discomfort you feel in various muscle groups. This is because there is recent research stating that warm baths made with hemp bath bombs can reduce muscle aches and increase mobility.  

If you're feeling sore when you are not at home and therefore unable to prepare a hemp bath, do not fear! There are other quick-relief CBD muscle and joint pain creams you can apply on inflamed muscles as needed, throughout the day. Not as relaxing as a hemp bath bomb per se, but still effective in quick pain relief to get you through the day. 

5. Smell good, feel good

This one explains itself as soon as the comforting scent of your hemp bath bomb fills the room. Nothing like feeling clean by smelling like a million bucks after your bath!

At Skyy Organics, we understand how important self-care and bath time is. That is why we've created 5 unique CBD-infused bath bombs to help you spend your ME time to the fullest. 

Each hemp bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD, which we believe is exactly enough to help you feel the relaxation you deserve. Our lineup includes a scent for every season and mood: 

  • Eucalyptus + peppermint
  • Oasis
  • Oat milk & honey
  • Vanilla lavender
  • Winter